Quality Blown Goose Eggs for Craft

Quality Blown Goose Eggs for Craft

Quality Blown Goose Eggs for CraftQuality Blown Goose Eggs for CraftQuality Blown Goose Eggs for Craft

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Est. 1966

Since 1966 Beverly's Goose Hatchery has been serving the egging industry. While our focus has changed from hatching and shipping goslings to providing top quality blown goose eggs for craft, our dedication to our customers hasn't changed.



Beverly's Goose Hatchery was founded in 1966 with two geese, one gander and a small incubator in the basement. One year later, Beverly Voeltz added 100 goslings to her flock, with which she taught herself all the finer points of raising geese for gosling production. Her husband, Earl Voeltz, an accomplished farmer, eventually turned his efforts toward raising crops to feed the growing flock. At the height of her business, Beverly's laying flock consisted of over 3,000 hens with an output of over 1,000 eggs per day and boasted a whopping 80% hatching success rate. The success of her hatchery made it the largest in the Midwest and drew customers from
around the globe.around the globe.


Like many other hatcheries, Beverly sold off her infertile eggs to whoever had a need for them and disposed of them if they couldn't be sold. At the time, the focus was on the goslings and making sure they were delivered within 72 hours to anywhere on the globe. In the mid 70's Beverly formed a relationship with an egg decorator from Sioux Falls, South Dakota by the name of Marcella Bowersox. For several years Mrs. Bowersox bought crates of the unused eggs straight out of the sorting process. Mrs. Bowersox eventually explained to Beverly that she was blowing and decorating the eggs for sale. Being the entrepreneur that she was, that started the wheels turning for Beverly. When Mrs. Bowersox returned the following spring to purchase more eggs, Beverly and a friend presented her with several crates of cleaned, blown eggs ready for decorating. This small order turned into a big business for the hatchery that now yields over 30,000 blown eggs drop shipped all over the world annually.
In 1995 Beverly and Earl retired from the hatching business, after 30 years of success. Most of the equipment was sold off, but Beverly still keeps tabs on the hatcheries in the area. At present, she is sorting and shipping all the infertile eggs she can get her hands on. She keeps busy with it, but still has enough time to spend with her five children, eleven grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. She has also been known to do some consulting work. Anything from helping out with hatching pair selection, sexing goslings, or just a bit advice here and there.

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